About Weibull Reliability Engineering

Weibull Reliability Engineering promotes the application of Weibull Statistics and Analysis in the field of Reliability Analysis throughout Europe. Although the main focus now is on Automotive Engineering and the High-Tech Area, the methods can be used for ANY type of industry.

Apart from giving workshops and free advice to students that have attended a workshop, new tools and methods are developed frequently to ease Development Reliability Aspects for Engineers and Designers in all ways. All new tools are based on the methods made available in the SuperSMITH Weibull and Visual software plus the “New Weibull Handbook™” and “PlayTIME™” by dr. Robert Abernethy. The latest papers of dr. Larry Crow are used for detailed explanation of, and training with the Crow-AMSAA Reliability Growth method.

Both software and books are also offered without taking class as Weibull Reliability Engineering has obtained the European License to market and sell the whole package.

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