About Ronald Schop

Ronald Schop

Ronald Schop is the founder of Weibull Reliability Engineering. Since the year 2000 Ronald promotes the application of Weibull and Crow-AMSAA statistics throughout Europe, based on his years of experience and education in automotive and high-tech applications amongst others, supplemented with all recent methods in Reliability Engineering in the Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) development process.

Ronald Schop is further Senior Director Reliability at Holland Innovative, a growing company specializing in Project management, Product- & Process development and Reliability Engineering for a wide range of clients. Ronald is responsible for creating the Reliability Foundation educational Program. This program leads to the VDI certification ‘Certified Reliability Engineer’ (CRE) and is created and curated in close association with the universities of Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Brussels.


More about Ronald Schop

Ing. Ronald Schop (1957, Rijsoord, The Netherlands) is from origin a Mechanical Engineer. Over the years he gathered a fair amount of schooling and experience within the field of Road Technical Transportation, Programming, CAD design, Fatigue calculations, Management, Statistics, RAMS (Repair-ability, Availability, Maintain-ability and Service-ability) and Quality Improvement Programs (Six Sigma DfSS licensed).

After study (Atheneum in Zwijndrecht, followed by HTS Rotterdam) a 5-year (1980 – 1985) working period in South Africa as Mechanical Engineer and Design Manager on Road Transportation Equipment for the company AFRIT / Van de Wetering Engineering in Pretoria (RSA). After this interesting period, he joined DAF Trucks N.V. in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1986) as Development Manager Ride & Handling, responsible for steering, suspensions, height control systems and cab-attachments. As most of the Steering & Suspension Components are related to Safety and require high Reliability levels, the statistical “proving” of these aspects were an inherent part of the job.

In 1998, after 12 year engineer responsibility, he initiated the Reliability Engineering Department within DAF Trucks. and as Sr. Reliability Engineer he became responsible for developing methodologies for setting Project or Program Reliability Targets, Generic Component Targets, Reliability Growth in projects, Project Reliability Forecast and Reliability Validation in the Field after Product Release. This regarding the aspects; Safety, Reliability and Repair & Maintenance Contract Costs. All of these together result in a major contribution of the “Costs of Ownership”, but also in the Product Quality perception of the customer. Ronald is a registered Professional Reliability Engineer. He is registered as an inventor in two European Patents.

The latest development: Program Reliability Approach, or Design for Reliability (DfR) approach, consists of many standard tools and methods like FMEA, FTA, ETA and DOE planning, but is extended with new developed methods like Baselines, Overall Testing Plan, DVP&R, GRPA, FRACAS, the FRB and Failure Forecasting. The Program Reliability Approach is lectured in dedicated public workshops to students from all over Europe.