Weibull Workshops & Seminars

Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshops

There are multiple ways to attend or organize a Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshop and/or Seminar. Public Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshops are planned several times a year in which you can enroll to attend. You can also organize an On-Site Workshop at your own facility. These Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs, data and problems.

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 Public Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshops

Public Workshops on Weibull Reliability Engineering are organized by Holland-Innovative. More information is available in the link below. The aim is to have a minimal of 2 public Dutch Language seminars per year with a maximum of 12 students per workshop. This as personal tutoring and coaching is one the important factors of the Weibull workshop. Optional the Public Workshop can be lectured in the English or German language.

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On-Site Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshops

The On-Site Workshops are preferably given in the home language of the students. At this moment the On-Site Workshops can be given in the languages: Dutch, English, German or Afrikaans.


3 Day Complete Workshop
The Standard Workshop includes treatment of the Fifth edition of The New Weibull Handbook©, and the latest version of the SuperSMITH™ software including two afternoons of hands-on computer tutorial (PlayTIME™) covering every type of problem and every option. The Workshop is designed to bring the novice to expert capability.

Topics include:

    • Failure analysis,
    • Optimal Parts replacement,
    • Cost analysis,
    • Failure prediction,
    • Warranty analysis,
    • Reliability system models,
    • Substantiation test design.

The 3 Day Complete Workshop include:

    • The New Weibull Handbook, 5th Edition,
    • The Playtime with SuperSMITH computer tutorial,
    • Personal license of the SuperSMITH™ Weibull and Visual software valued at Euro 960,- per student,
    • A graduation certificate for each student,

Extra students (>8) who sit-in the first or last day only, will receive the Handbook but not the software; the fee for these students is Euro 200,-


2 + 2 (4) Day Super Workshop (Follow up, Student Consulting, plus Reliability Growth and Testing)
The complete 3 day Workshop content plus a fourth day for additional focus on Reliability Growth tracking, Confidence Growth, Reliability Validation Planning, Field-test Set-up, Reliability Tools plus “Best Practice” introduction including a half day hands-on with the new Tools. On top of this some additional (real life based) cases with higher complexity and, last but not least, student presentations of their own real problem analysis completed in the workshop.

The last part allows Ronald and the class to serve as a consulting forum reviewing each problem. The students should be strongly urged to bring one or more of their own problems to the workshop. Students get consulting on their real problems and show how they are applying the new techniques learned. Managers are invited for the final presentations of the students problems.
The 2+2 (4) Day Super Workshop include:
    • The New Weibull Handbook, 5th Edition,
    • The Playtime with SuperSMITH™ computer tutorial,
    • Personal license of the SuperSMITH™ Weibull and Visual software valued at Euro 960,- per student,
    • Reliability TOOLKIT© software,
    • A graduation certificate for each student,
    • Syllabus on Reliability Growth (Crow-AMSAA); Testing Set up, Field Analysis Examples, All the Reliability Tools, Reliability Targets, Testing Calculator, System Reliability Forecast.

Extra students (>8) who sit-in the first or last day only, will receive the Handbook but not the software; the fee for these students is Euro 200,-

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 1 Day Refresher – Weibull Review Meeting
An extra day may be devoted to refresh the students after a few months and answer the questions they come up with. The basis is normally the review of the analysis made in time. Special attention will be given to the students own problems and the methods used. Managers are invited to join the afternoon of this day.


1/2 Day Management Overview
Following a 3 or (2+2) 4-day Weibull Workshop, a morning presentation to senior managers may be scheduled to provide an overview of the new technologies including application to their problems.


Evening Weibull Reliability Engineering Workshops

Within the Netherlands, both the 3 and 4 day Weibull Workshops can be tailored to evening Workshops, for example: 16:30 – 18:00 plus 19:00 – 20:30 (3 hours) per evening. Evening classes are given once a week, and special rates are calculated for these. Discount up tp 20% is available, but travel costs will be added. (The 3 day Workshop will take 6 evenings, the 4 day Workshop 8 evenings.)

Fees: For Weibull Workshops in Europe

All prices are in Euro’s:
Workshop Days
3 Day Workshop
½ Day Overview
4 Day Workshop
1 Day Refresher
8 or Less students
€ 10.340
€ 1.650
€ 12.175
€ 3.080
Extra Students >8
€ 980
No charge
€ 1.135
€ 385


3 Day / Student
4 Day/Student
€ 10.340
€ 1.293
€ 12.175
€ 1.522
€ 12.300
€ 1.230
€ 14.445
€ 1.445
€ 17.200
€ 1.147
€ 20.210
€ 1.341
€ 22.100
€ 1.105
€ 25.795
€ 1.290
€ 27.000
€ 1.080
€ 31.370
€ 1.259

Fees for evening classes are in line with the 3 and 4 day Workshops, but a discount of 20% is offered. Additional travel and living costs will be added, depending on the distance from Eindhoven to the Workshop site. The same material as in the 3 or 4 day Workshops is offered.

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Additional information

All Workshop features include:

    • Introduction,
    • Video,
    • Lectures using case studies, Weibull experiments in low cycle fatigue and high cycle fatigue,
    • Class-work,
    • Hands-on computer tutorial,
    • Student analysis of their own data & problems,
    • Many questions & answer periods,
    • Oral quiz,
    • Graduation.

On-Site Workshop advantages:

    • Tailor the Workshops to your specific needs. We can use your data and problems in the special computer tutorial. We can add, delete or emphasise specific topics. The students are invited to bring their own problems to the Workshop.
    • The cost per student is far less than the fee for our Public Workshops as the Software and the Books are included in the On-Site Workshop price and there are no travel and/or hotel costs for the students.
    • The New Weibull Handbook is provided well in advance to allow the study before the Workshop.
    • If interest develops to have an On-Site Workshop at your facility, we will provide more specific details to facilitate this tailoring.

Fees for Weibull Workshops outside the Netherlands, but within Europe, increase the above fees to compensate for business class airfare and living expenses.

The fourth day is usually devoted to on Reliability Growth tracking, Confidence Growth, Reliability Validation Planning, Field-test Set-up and Reliability Tools, but Monte Carlo Simulation math modelling, may be combined with follow up presentations of student problems. A one-day refresher Workshop for experienced Weibull analysts may also be considered. The workshop provides an opportunity to brief your management with a special overview of all new technologies.

New Technology

Life data analysis is on the leading edge of technology with new and improved methods under continually development by many technicians and statistics. The Workshop is updated to include all the new methods.


Failure forecasting may be based constant or seasonal variation usage, optimal parts replacement, and variable production rates. Predictive interval estimates as well as point estimates of future failures are provided as tables and plots. Cost forecasting is available for both failure and warranty analysis.
Warranty claims predictions include all of the above features plus warranty limit effects on claims predictions. Crow-AMSAA and Kaplan-Meier models are both used for warranty. The latest AIAG standard truck histograms of usage are available in the software.
The new application of Weibull to control production processes is presented.
There are many new applications of the Crow-AMSAA model plus the new goodness of fit methods.
For small sample confidence, the new pivotal Monte Carlo method is best practice for regression and the MLE-RBA using the justified likelihood function (JLF) eliminates the small sample bias with MLE.
Is the new design significantly better than the old design?
“Best Practise”; The flowchart to choose the best methodology for your data.
Crow-AMSAA to IEC 1146 regulations; The latest standard on Reliability Growth.


It is best to block in dates as soon as possible as the lecturers are usually obligated 6-10 months ahead.


There is no charge for cancelling up to 30 days before the Workshop.
Cancellation within 30 days of the Workshop will result in a fee of 10% of the fee for the scheduled number of days and students or Euro 2.000 if the number of students has not been scheduled.
All workshops are scheduled by Ronald Schop.

Facilities needed

Teacher: A lecture/workshop room, remote (radio) microphone if the group is larger than 12 persons, a flip chart and a PC overhead projector (beamer) with PowerPoint software, sound possibilities and projections screen.

Students: A personal computer or laptop with Windows for at least every 2 students on all but the first day. The student should sit at tables if possible. Students are encouraged to bring their own data for analysis during the workshop.

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