Reliability Validation Plan

We all know that the Risk Reduction Numbers given to the activities in FMEA’s are really subjective … …

Why is the one test with 5 samples “worth” 50% of the risk reduction? Why the other test only 15%?

The NEW RVP™ (Reliability Validation Plan) method will calculate the statistical Confidence build up per test, depending on test sample-size and length of the test. On top of that it is able to combine a test-rig test-results with Lab-test, field-tests or any tests… … This is unique! Add different type of tests together to assess the Reliability Growth!

In the end you can tell not only the amount of confidence gained by all your activities planned, but you can also see what each test is worth in percentage of Confidence Growth.

Convert the old Subjective Feeling to an Objective Number!
Graphs show you per failure-mode what test is really helping you and which ones are useless!
This is something to save money… …

Graphics show what failure-mode is still dominant and will give you trouble if you don’t fix it …

Take a look at the ARS presentation on this subject:

ARS – 2016 Reliability Validation Test Substantiation – RVP tool